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2024 Special Olympics Canada Games. What you need to know.

Our center will be hosting the 2024 Special Olympics Canada Games from February 27 to March 1, 2024. This will impact our daytime operations this particular week.

During the tournament, access to Bowling Depot will be restricted. There will be a pass system in effect that will be strictly enforced by security officers. Access is restricted to the following during the event.

  • Authorized Bowling Depot employees, suppliers and contractors.
  • Volunteers, officials, contractors and media authorized by Special Olympics Canada and Special Olympics Calgary.
  • Players (known as "Athletes" by Special Olympics), aides and coaches that are participants in the event.
  • Parties authorized by Athletes participating in the event (Arrangements must be arranged to Special Olympics by the Athletes or aides).

Please find the following advice based on your current role and situation.

  • Daytime leagues: All weekday daytime leagues are cancelled for the week of February 27-March 1. This was previously planned as per the annual Schedule for your league. If you have questions, ask your league executive or the front counter.
  • Evening leagues: Evening leagues will proceed as scheduled as tournament activity will be completed before 6PM on league nights.
  • All leagues: Prebowling will not be available before 6PM during the tournament days. If you foresee being away from league before, during or after the week of the tournament, please complete your prebowling before the tournament.
  • Public bowling: Public bowling will be offered at 6:00 PM each day after the tournament play has completed for the day subject to evening league schedules. On Friday, ceremonies will follow the last game. This may cause a delay in public bowling on Friday, especially if there is a tie that requires a playoff. Glow Bowling will be first-come-first-serve on Friday (March 1) once the ceremony is completed. Once glow bowling starts, enjoy the $64.99 special for one hour on one lane with shoes and 60 oz of soft drink.
  • Special Needs, daycares, other weekday daytime customers: Bowling will not be available February 27-March 1 until after 6:00 PM.
  • Daytime takeout: If you work in our area and normally order takeout from us, all takeout orders during the tournament will be conducted by curbside pickup only. When you get here, please telephone us for pickup and we will provide further directions.
  • Special Olympics Fans: If you do not have or are not eligible to have a pass to the Event, the event will be broadcast via live-streaming. Consult Special Olympics for the link to the broadcast. We cannot guarantee the broadcast will cover your preferred Athlete.
  • Athlete-invited Guests: If you have been invited by your preferred Athlete to attend, please consult your Athlete and Special Olympics about obtaining the necessary pass. We recommend staying at your Athlete's assigned lane except for washroom and food ordering.
  • Authorized media, volunteers, aides: Special Olympics will provide you with the necessary passes, directions and assignments for your role.

We at Bowling Depot are grateful and humbly honored to host this major and prestigious event. We thank the Special Olympics community for their support. We thank each and every one of our league bowlers and open play customers for their patience and understanding as we work with Special Olympics to conduct a successful and safe event for everyone.