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A contest run by Bowl Canada in conjunction with, the website of the Turkey Farmers of Canada.


Did you know that in the early days of bowling that turkeys were awarded to bowlers that won tournaments? Back then, bowling a strike was difficult. As the goal of a strike became easier to achieve, prizes were set for multiple strikes in a row, a practice that is common in some leagues today. It is this history that three strikes in a row was called a turkey.

Turkey dinners (whether during Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas or any other occasion) as well as the sport of bowling have the knack to bring our families and friends together.

About Turkey Bowl

You are invited to bowl with us on February 18-20. If you aren't in the Calgary area, visit your nearest Bowl Canada member center. In order to win, you must score a turkey - throwing three strikes in a row in a single game.

If you visit us on these days and achieve a turkey.

  • Our scoring should salute the turkey in an animation. For our scoring system you may see a turkey saluted using one of these animnations.
    • Qupee (the bowling pin character you may see on our screens) taking a soccer penalty shot with a turkey as the goaltender.
    • Qupee dancing with a turkey.
    • Three basketball hoops shown in a row.
    • Three weightlifting repetitions.
    • Three motorcycles going through the air followed by a generation of XXX-Turkey
    • A nightclub-themed art with one X on the top and two on the bottom.
    • A retro diner waiter presenting a roast turkey.
    • If your turkey is three in a row in the 10th frame and your score is 200 or higher, your salute may be the 200 or 250 club or higher depending on the score.
  • Wait for the animation to complete before proceeding.
  • When the animation is completed, take a picture of your score monitor. (Note: Use your regular name on the score screens this weekend.)
  • See us at the front desk to verify the turkey. If you are on time or have another game on your plan, don't start the next game until the turkey is photographed and verified. While we can print previous games, photographs of printouts may not necessarily be accepted as entries.
  • If you have the "To Start a New Game prompt" interfering with your photo attempt, press any button on your keypad, which will take off the prompt for about two seconds. If you are still having trouble, see us at the front desk. We will help.
  • Share your photo as your public Instagram or Facebook account. If you do this, add the address @CanadianTurkey and the hashtag #ThinkTurkey to the comments. Make sure you include your name and the name of our bowling center (Bowling Depot).
  • If you do not have Facebook or Instagram, you can also upload your entry to the form located at
  • You could win either a $50 Visa prepaid card Or a $500 grocery gift card.

Our operations during this weekend.

  • We will run our normal operating hours. Scheduled league play except Special Olympics (this weekend is a bye week) will proceed (Saturday morning YBC and Sunday evening). In both league situations, there are limited first-serve and reservable lanes. We will be open Monday from 12PM to 6PM.
  • All price points applicable at the time of purchase, reservation policies and wait list procedures will apply.
  • Maximum age for bumper bowling will be 10 years (except special needs).
  • All open bowling purchases will be eligible for Turkey Bowl, including those purchased using valid coupons and offers.
  • Please use your regular names on the scoreboards to be eligible to win in the contest. Nicknames will not be accepted.
  • We reserve the right to nullify illegally thrown strikes (foul line violations, ball jumping out of gutter, improper bowling) - bowling improperly is cheating, hazardous, and can cause a delay of game.
  • The decision of the staff in the validity of a questioned strike will be final.

For your best chances of achieving a strike, don't look right at the pins. Look at the arrows on the lane. The center arrow is on the same board as the head pin. If you are right handed, you should aim at the second or third arrow from the right. Be sure to have good follow through and ensure the ball leaves the hand off the finger tips. If it falls off the side of the hand, it will likely curve off line and find the gutter or pluck the corner pin.
Bowling is an excellent exercise. It will consume 170 to 300 calories per game bowled.
Remember that five pin bowling is a game of skill and precision, not speed and power. A slower or modestly thrown ball can yield a strike, but a faster ball on the head pin does not guarantee a strike.